What are the benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai?

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What is a virtual office?
A virtual office in Dubai is a facility that provides essential business services to an individual or startup. The services include a physical address, mailing address, a call/fax and email receptionist, meeting rooms, and video-conferencing facilities. In simpler terms, virtual offices provide businesses and freelancers that operate remotely with a range of functions that allow them to have the experience of a physical office at a lower cost. Additionally, you can also get an on demand temporary physical office and meeting room in case you need to meet a client or investor physically.

A virtual office is a viable alternative to renting out an entire office space. To set up your company in Dubai, you will need to have an office space and this would mean hiring employees to get up and running. Instead, you can have all these with a virtual office. With a virtual office, the company will have an appropriate physical presence and easy access to potential business partners and local customers in Dubai. Sounds great, right?

These virtual offices in Dubai can be used for various purposes such as:

For many entrepreneurs in Dubai, who enter a new level of business structuring, a virtual office in the UAE is the great opportunity for the initial development of the market and the commencement of operations. Besides, it is an additional opportunity to minimize the current expenses on renting of a real office premise and on hiring personnel.

One of the main advantages of a virtual office is the possibility of having it in Dubai mainland or in the free zone the company will be incorporated in. Virtual offices allow professionals and businesses to operate from home or any place of their choice, while they manage most of the business communication operations from the office premises. These offices are ideal for companies and individuals who want to operate from home or any remote location.

Other advantages of a Dubai virtual office are:

– it is cheaper than a traditional office
– no need to buy or rent equipment, as the necessary equipment is already there.
– no additional cost for maintaining the virtual office is incurred.
– no need to hire administrative staff for delegating office work.

Smart virtual offices at GRG Business Centers

At GRG Business Centers, everything is designed to meet your expectations, so you can focus on driving your business forward.
We understand that every business has its own specific needs thus, we provide the flexibility to have your own tailor-made that meet your business provisions.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to try out what working from a virtual office feels like!

What’s included:

– Prestigious Business Address
– Dubai Telephone Number
– Professional reception and secretarial service
– Meeting room and business lounge access
– Phone & mail management
– State of the art office equipment

Would you like to have a virtual office in Dubai?

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