Why a serviced office can optimize your business?

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Whether you are a well-established business for years or you are a new start up, you have now more options than ever before to modernize your business without having to spend considerable resources to do so. Thanks to the evolving serviced office sector in UAE, your dream of a fancy location becomes a reality.
Here are some reasons to upgrade your business brand to leverage the growth opportunities available in the market:

Traditional office leases are changing

Since the financial crisis hit in 2008 and 2010, landlords have realized that they are now working in a market where tenant flexibility has to be taken into consideration and to be reflected in the products provided. Indeed, the growth of creative and tech businesses triggered a change in working styles and office needs. Allied to this, the rise of remote and online working in even the most traditional employer companies means that tenants space requirement are shrinking or variable and hot-desking is increasingly prevalent.
With this, there is an expectation of a standard of living which has resulted in a mood towards improving the office environment for workers.


The serviced offices are usually located in the snagging prime business districts which do not come cheap under any circumstances. Keeping this perspective in mind, the serviced offices very well allow the SMEs and startups to have prestigious business districts at an affordable price. So, the startups can now enjoy the glory of possessing their business address at the most prestigious business district right from the first day of their operation. There are other conveniences of possessing a serviced office apart from the professional PO Box. The serviced office is well-connected by public transport and thus can be easily reached. The furnished offices are also surrounded by plenty of other opportunities like shops, banks, and restaurants which make the work life very easy and convenient.

The Budget

The concept of a ‘serviced office’ has been around for some time and was traditionally seen as a desk solution aimed at entrepreneurs, consultants and SMEs drawn by lower costs, collaborative working areas and the flexibility of being able to book on a monthly basis. The flexible office industry has matured over the last 15 years so that it now provides a sophisticated and complex variety of options for tenants.
One of the benefits to the tenant of this model is the all-inclusive rent, which eliminates concerns about unforeseen costs such as dilapidations or high service charge costs. Another is the ability to expand and contract office size according to workflows, taking on more space when workloads are high and then releasing surplus space at the end of a project.


You necessarily need to network in order to grow your business. While you are opting for a serviced office, you have a great opportunity of networking with the several other like-minded people who are operating from the same workspace. You have an opportunity of very mightily building beneficial mutual connections and also share the growing pains that every startup usually faces. So, you would have a good support system in your workspace which helps you to grow your business well and eventually thrive to be successful in the long run.


There is a real excitement around the serviced office sector, and with good reason. It is an offering that has aligned itself to the changing needs of business and how companies operate. In the words of real estate entrepreneur Giles Fuchs, “serviced offices allow out of area companies to enter a market with limited financial exposure that they could not otherwise have entered. This applies regionally, nationally and globally. This explosion has just started”.

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